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Hoshitry FAQ

Company Name
Head Office

What is the meaning of the company name Hoshitry Impact?

 Hoshitry Impact has four meanings. "HOSHI" is a Japanese word for the earth, which is one of the planets in the universe. "HOSHIYAR" is a Hindi word meaning intelligent (highly intelligent). "HISTORY" in English refers to history, the wisdom and history we should learn in the industrialization of the world and the global environment. And "IMPACT" means the change that occurs by connecting the thoughts of like-minded people.

 Where is the head office located? Do you have a base in Japan?


Our company is based in Bangalore (Bengaluru) as an Indian corporation. We do not have a base in Japan, but we have partner companies, so you can contact us.


What is the support accompanying business development? 


Small and medium-sized enterprises often have issues such as "There are no employees who can be assigned to work in India", "There are no people who can communicate with the head office locally", "It is difficult to find a reliable person locally". It is a service or outsourcing that consistently provides support such as accompanying and support for local business activities, introduction of networks related to local business activities, follow-up and coordination, negotiations, etc.

What is the fee structure for accompanying business development support?


It has a reasonable price system that combines the monthly basic business charge and the local business charge per day. For example, if you have our support for an interview with a local company for 3 days in a month, the basic business fee for 1 month and the local business fee for 3 days will be charged. The basic business fee includes the provision of a local network, appointments with local companies, interview coordination, follow-up, information collection, etc. We can adjust the fee structure or provide spot support according to the customer's request, so please contact us.


What do you provide for the new business development support in India?

What is the process to make a request?


First of all, we will ask you about your needs, and then we will guide you to visit India and accompany you there. Then, according to the customer's overseas expansion plan, we will propose the goal setting step by step and accompanying business development support in the short-term.


What do you provide for the India-Japan technology collaboration support?

What is the process to make a request?

It is a service or outsourcing that supports partner search and partnership building, with a partner indispensable for business development and market development in India. First of all, after understanding the needs of our customers, we will propose a method for searching and selecting a partner. We will conduct hearings and interviews based on the list of candidates for cooperation and the selection results. We can also support the customers in surveys, business feasibility evaluations, business collaboration scheme studies, and business plan formulation with each of the candidates. Please contact us as the required period and cost will vary depending on your needs, regardless of whether the person in charge of the customer is stationed locally.


What do you provide for the strategic collaboration in agriculture?

What is the difference from India-Japan technology collaboration ?


In agriculture, it is possible to accelerate speed of building business models by using the network with local farmers / agricultural companies, agricultural organizations, governments, NGOs, etc. that we have already established cooperation with. We support partner search and cooperation building in the same process as India-Japan technology collaboration support. The environment and market needs of India's agricultural sector differ from region to region, so we will propose plans and surveys accordingly. Please contact us for more information.


What is spot support?

For the support accompanying business development, we continue to develop business together with our customers for a certain period of time, while for temporary necessary work such as market research / credit research, recruitment support, business plan formulation, etc. or one-off orders, we provide our services or out sourcing as spot support.


What is the local network? 

Our contact list that includes Indian start-up companies, large companies, industrial support organizations, government agencies, incubators, accelerators, venture capital and local experts (professionals, etc.). We will introduce and ask them according to the needs of our customers.

What is the difference from other companies that provide consulting and research to support overseas expansion?


The difference between other companies and us is that we are focusing on the run-up period of SMEs until they reach the stage of full-scale business development in India. During the run-up period, it is difficult to have a representative regularly on site, and business will not progress unless business trips to the site are repeated frequently. In addition, it is difficult to request consulting and research companies because the direction of the business is uncertain, and if you are hesitate to decide, time will pass without seeing the progress of the business, and you will not be able to catch up with the change in the Indian market tends. Therefore, during the run-up period, we provide support accompanying business development by acting as a human resource for overseas expansion of our customers and accelerating speed of business development. In addition, we share business progress and information with our customers, including follow-ups on our network and partners, and support the customer's employee to continue business development.


Why are you focusing on technology collaboration?

Technological innovation is indispensable for the growth of the Indian market, and there are high demands from local Indian companies to incorporate superior technology into the Indian market through technology collaboration with Japanese companies. On the other hand, in the Indian market, there are some cases where business development is interrupted due to failure to localize or build a business model to incorporate Japanese technology. By focusing on technology collaboration, we have strengths in supporting business models, collaboration structuring, and financing strategies that are necessary for technology collaboration. By providing such support, we believe that we can increase the success potential of our customers' business development.

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